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I came to Dr.Ehlers in November of 2009 after I had injured my lower back. Originally, I had gone on base to the military hospital before deciding to try out Dr. Ehlers. I came out of David Grant with a bottle of pills and was told to rest. Obviously, it wasn't long before I started looking elsewhere. A fellow partner of my husband's told him about Dr. Ehlers. After a couple of adjustments by Dr. Ehlers I was feeling so much better. I also suffered from a lot of sinus headaches and the occasional migraine. I'd call and they'd always get me right in. Allison and Adrea, his receptionists, are awesome. Again, Dr. Ehlers would do his magic and I'd walk out of his office feeling better than I had in ages. Before I moved to Texas, Dr. Ehlers got me off my high blood pressure medication. I have to admit that my husband and I, who is a cardiologist, were skeptical. But with Dr. Ehlers adjustments he got me off the medication that I had been taking for 6 years. Thank you for the wonderful care. -Susan Thompson

From the first day that I stepped into Dr. Ehlers office, I felt welcome, at ease. It's a "Marvelous Monday" resounded in the reception area. My need for searching out Dr. Ehlers came after my visits to physical therapy. They have predisposed idea of their methods. By me trying an aternative method i have moved forward with my healing. I have talked and talked to people but until you are in that right place, no amount of talking will change their mind. Everyone here will be great help to anyone stepping in if they will let themselves relax and listen with an open mind. Thank you Dr. Ehlers you have moved me forward and I am truly happy I sought you out. -Sandy Lowe

There is an oasis in Vacaville and it is called Ehlers Chiropractic Care. It is a warm, comfortable and caring enviroment with happy satisfied patients. There are two highlytrained professional assistants Allison and Adrea who along with Dr. Ehlers and Dr. Glimpse complete the oasis with their caring demeanor. Dr. Ehlers is the personification of a chiropractor. He is intelligent, intuitive, good listener, sensitive, strong, and reliable. Dr. Ehlerstakes a holistic approach believing that misalignment in the spinal column is directly related to illness and pain. He is very humble and wont take credit for all the healing that he accomplishes. He contends that he does a specific spinal adjustments to remove nerve irritation and the body responds by healing itself. Dr. Ehlers has become a friend for life for me. He is constantly adjusting me on a regular basis and I believe and trust in him especially in light of the fact that medical doctors had told me that there was no help for me except pain medication. Chiropractic care is the greatest health secret in the new millennium. I just want to echo to all my friends that Dr. Ehlers can offer you hope and freedom to increasing health and wellness without the fear of drugs and surgery. Create a happier and healthier lifestyle with a doctor who cares. - George Skezas

I was involved in a vehicle accident, where I was hit on the driver's side. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was wearing my seat belt and from the impact of the car my body went to the right causing severe pain. My body was achy after the initial shock of the impact, but a week later my left side, from my neck to lower back started to throb with pain. I was referred to this office by my massage therapist who is also a patient. I called Ehlers Chiropractic Center immediately that afternoon and was given an appointment later that same day. I thought "What took me so long!" Thank you Dr. Ehlers for helping me after such a scary time. -Evelyn Wells



I came to Dr. Ehlers with a stuck neck.  I couldn't really turn my neck to the right hardly at all after teaching a dance class that I've taught for a couple years.  Anyway I just figured I was getting old and in time it would go away, well it was taking way to long so I went to Dr. Ehlers with an open mind and listened to what he had to say.  Honestly I thought it all made sense but then again maybe he was just a really smooth talker and was really just selling me some "BS" I didn't really know.  I've been going to see him a few times a week and my neck is way better and he has even went the extra mile to help with my now tennis elbow and wrist which I've obviously worn out too.  So I guess he's not just a pretty face and smooth talker and really does know his stuff.  I highly recommend his service, and really appreciate being pain free and getting me back in line literally without going to the doctor and getting sent home with a bucket of pills and no fix.  For the beautiful girls he has working for him are awsome and I have to wonder whats in those cookies that makes them so sweet all the timeThank  you so much all of you, your a great team! - Lucy Bull


Getting older and things just started to collapse one thing at a time. When I was young, I hiked the Sierras, ran track, road my bike, and jogged for exercise. As time progressed, arthritis developed in my knees and I quit biking, jogging and walks with my dog got shorter. Then came the heart attack followed by many doctors and lots of pills. After some time I was diagnosed with adult diabetes, for which I took pills. Then my back began to go out and more pills were prescribed. First it was for a day or two and I could walk it off, but recently there have been times when I’ve had up to three months of doctor care and physical therapy. This March, I threw out my back and was partially crippled. My wife was at her hair dresser after it happened, and mentioned my back problems. He suggested I try Dr. Ehlers, a Chiropractor. I began receiving adjustments three times a week. After a week I was able to walk comfortably again. After two weeks I was walking 3 to 6 miles a day, using half the insulin and I threw away 90% of my medications. Instead of being driven down to the office I am now able to ride my bike. I even lost 24 pounds in the last few months.  Next month my wife and I are taking a trip to Europe, and I’ll leave most of my meds at home. We intend to do a lot of walking in Europe, and I intend to have a great time, because I feel incredible!  -Jim Tutt


I have been to numerous chiropractors from Nevada to San Francisco; most of them had me come back continuously, but could not adjust the cervical region. All I was doing with the other chiropractors was spending numerous dollars hoping that maybe “that day they would be able to get it.” I had a 20% good result ratio with the other chiropractors, which was not promising at all. My boss recommended Dr. Ehlers to me and I gave him a try. After the first try, he moved bones that no one else could for 8 years! Dr. Ehlers also adjusted my right shoulder, which relieved a lot of the pulling and tugging on my head and neck. I, being a massage therapist, have referred about 25-30 clients of mine to him. Between my therapies and Dr Ehlers, my clients are getting 80-100% improvement. Now those are good odds. Dr Ehlers has a lot of “tricks under his belt” and is very knowledgeable on adjusting. He is absolutely the best! He has changed my life tremendously. -Nadia Fletcher                         


                       I came to Dr Ehlers barely able to lift my right arm. I had severe, sharp pain down to my elbow with any movement. I do a great deal of computer work at my job and the pain had become almost unbearable by the end of the day. He immediately found the source of all my pain. Within a few weeks of treatments I am able to not only lift my arm, but I am also able to do my daily work without pain! I have been to other chiropractors over the last 15 years and I can say Dr. Ehlers makes it an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The massaging water table treatments and pre-adjustment massages are a wonderful addition to each treatment. He has given me back the ability to enjoy my active lifestyle pain free! I recommended Dr. Ehlers to all of my friends. I know they will receive the same professional treatment and personal attention to their specific needs to help them live a more productive, pain free life. -Bobbi Johnson


            I came in with chronic lower back pain, neck problems and major pain with my hands. Dr. Ehlers has adjusted me I can move with ease and no pain. Yes, Dr. Ehlers took away the chronic pain I was in. I would say he’s the best in Solano County. I also have my whole family coming here for all our adjustments. My husband is happy and so is my daughter! He’s so good that even my husband’s co-workers come to see Dr. Ehlers and they are moving a lot better too. -Elaine Punla


            I have had ongoing back and neck problems for approximately 13 years. I have been on various medications, had physical therapy and also natural forms of treatment. At times, these methods would offer minimal relief. Originally, I was referred for chiropractic treatment several years ago by a friend. I did not take this referral but my sister did. After learning of the benefits she has received from Ehlers I finally decided to come myself. In the short period of time I have come to Dr. Ehlers, my back and neck feels better and additionally I spend a lot less time looking for my migraine medicine. My husband also is seeing treatment now! -Wendy Hogle-Lui


            When I first came to Dr Ehlers I could hardly walk one block. Since I have had his treatments, I am able to do more work around the house plus walk a lot better. It took three or more weeks for me to be able to walk a mile with little discomfort. I shall keep my appointments and hope to be back in good shape soon. -Delwyn O’Connor


Six years ago my life changed forever. For ten years, my life consisted of migraine, horrible headaches and wonderful visits to the emergency room. At least once a month I would be driven to the ER to receive all types of shots for my severe migraines. The migraines were so bad I would get sick and throw-up. I had met with every specialist known to doctors on migraines and they all came up with the same treatment, more drugs. I already had enough prescriptions drugs in my house to start up my own pharmacy. I definitely didn’t need any more DRUGS. At that point I realized there’s got to be something other than drugging me to death that can help. That’s when I read one of Dr. Ehlers ads and I decided to try it. Dr. Ehlers is extremely passionate about chiropractic. He told me “give me thirty days and I can promise you’ll be off half your medications!” It seemed too good to be true. I said okay and within thirty days believe it or not the medications were in the trash!!! I finally had my life back and to top it all I lost 20 pounds listening to his advice on how to stay healthy. Life wouldn’t be imaginable without Dr. Ehlers and his wonderful team. - Marie Hammond 



            I have dealt with foot pain for 2 years. After having purchased orthotics and been under other treatments, I saw Dr. Ehlers and was pain free for the first time after my first adjustment. Having consistent adjustments, I’m virtually pain-free all the time. I’m back on the treadmill and losing weight! -Laura Jansen


Life can change in an instant.... You don't realize how fast, until it happens to you!!! I was holding a ladder for a co-worker when he fell from three stories up onto my shoulders. I was rushed to the hospital where I called home for three months. I did everything they told me to... I took the drugs... I did physical therapy... I rested... but nothing seemed to help. I was a cripple using a cane to walk made me useless to myself and family. The pain was so intense I would see double and blink in hopes to see clearly. I would pray every time I got behind the wheel that I wouldn't hit something or someone. The grandchildren stopped asking me to play with them and I became very depressed. I lived in a medication haze. Life was reduced to medication and doctors appointments. About a month after being released from the hospital I started seeing a Chiropractor in Vacaville. I didn't feel I was getting the care needed so I talked to my son and he recommended Ehlers Chiropractic Center, his Chiropractor. Dr. Ehlers had me throw away my medication and after adjustments the haze started to clear. Six months later I was able to walk with ease and am now able to play with my grandchildren. I don't want you to think my recovery was easy. I almost gave up multiple times, but looking back I know I owe my happiness to God and Dr. Ehlers. -Joseph Infante 


 I must admit I was a little skeptical at first. Nothing conventional had helped me, and after twenty years of suffering with migraine headaches and severe neck and back pain I assumed this is what growing old felt like. I took all the prescribed medications, tried physical therapy and anything else anyone recommended. While lamenting about my problem, a relative recommended I try chiropractic care. I found Dr. Ehlers through one of his ads in the paper and made the first appointment. My wife and I both attended this first exam and were surprised at how thorough and informative the visit was. His exam (which included x-rays) revealed areas in my spine that were not working correctly and that the strength in my legs was so poor, a 5 year old could keep me from moving. Since starting treatment the strength in my legs has greatly improved and my reflexes are considerably quicker. For example, I helped save my granddaughter from falling on her face down cement stairs. I was able to catch her before anyone else even moved, and that was a first for grandpa - I had always been the slowest to react before. I have also noticed several other health improvements! I laughed at my last physical when the nurse took my blood pressure and it was within range. She thought the machine was broken so she brought in a new machine – same reading. The physical turned out wonderful - my blood pressure is down, I don’t need the migraine medications and I need less of several medications that I had taken for years. I feel that without Dr. Ehlers I would not be in as remarkable shape. Now people tell me I look younger, when before they thought I was older. I thank Dr. Ehlers for giving me back my life and the new found freedom of movement. -Lloyd Lamb


When I was 25 I was treated by my M.D. for three crushed discs in my lower back. In the 80s I was told I had degenerative arthritis and was treated with arthritis medication. In 2000 I was treated for sciatic nerve damage by acupuncture which only worked temporarily. In 2001 I was told I needed a hip replacement, which I decided not to get. One day, during a walk, I fell three times. From that point on I had a very hard time walking and was never fully out of pain; even with lots of medication given to me by my doctor. I have always been an active person and all of a sudden I was forced to walk with a cane. Even though I was only 60 I felt decrepit. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to see a Chiropractor, so I called and scheduled an appointment with Ehlers Chiropractic Center. The staff is very friendly and really made me feel at home. The office is conveniently located and the service is phenomenal. I am in and out quickly and able to start my busy day. I’m now able to enjoy my walks again and am feeling so much better. Ehlers Chiropractic  -Ras Traylor



My wife has been to 6 or 7 previous Chiropractors, UC Davis specialists other medical experts and has been on extremely strong meds for over four years. At first we didn’t think Chiropractic Care would work just like all the rest. Since starting, her recovery has been remarkable.  She is again hopeful toward the future.  Now I’m a patient too! -Logan Rice


I went into Dr. Ehlers office because of my right arm always going totally numb. With the exam and x-rays taken, I could see a lot was going on with my spine! Years of lifting kids, falling and thinking nothing was wrong, waitressing and sleeping curled up, I was a mess. After being treated for 3 months I am able to turn my head better which is important with driving. My right arm is not going numb as much as it was. I also know people do not believe in chiropractic care but your spine is connected to everything in your body. So if it is out, your whole body is off. The staff out front is outstanding and always helps me watch my kids while getting adjusted! -Barbara Bohannon


An active lifestyle, living on a ranch, raising kids, riding horseback. I was always busy and loved staying that way. Then a couple years ago I injured my back while attempting to lift an object incorrectly.  I did not take long for me to realize just how important a healthy back is to living.  The pain was intense and continuous.  Medical doctors answered my pleas for help with manipulative therapy, muscle injections, muscle relaxers and pain medication (drugs, drugs, and more drugs).  To make things worse, I was still in pain much of the time and my quality of life was miserable.Then a friend suggested that I consult with Doctor Ehlers.  I did and within days I had positive results, within weeks I had amazing relief and now enjoy easily and 80% improvement in my quality of living and pain relief.  Thank you to the staff at Ehlers Chiropractic for allowing me to live again. -Diane Hasslinger

Dr. Ehlers is very attentive and compassionate in the treatment of his patients. He is truly dedicated to the well being of his clients and advocates a wellness approach rather than temporary relief program. As a healer, he provides a holistic care based on kindness, love and healthy living. Everyone in his team is part of his plan! I am pain free after 4 months of care and have not been sick at all since starting the wellness program 6 months ago: no head colds, no flu, no sciatica, no back-hip-neck-knee aches and no arthritis pain either!!! As a single middle age woman farmer, I find Dr. Ehlers care EXTRAORDINARY. -Karin Hiolle


A year ago, I found a big hump on the back of my neck. I could not sit comfortably, walk, standing straight up, or barely lift my arms. A co-worker of mine referred me to Dr. Ehlers. Taking into consideration I grew up being told that chiropractors would fix the problem you’re going in for but create another one to keep you coming back. I went ahead and made an appointment. My husband came with me to see my x-rays and we were shocked at what we saw! I started treatment and started feeling great! I have continued with the treatment and have even brought in all three of my children and referred a co-worker. Being told that chiropractors make another problem to keep you coming in is in my opinion a big myth. -Rosemary Chavez


I am a nurse by profession, and have worked in the medical field since 1975. Over the years I have sustained numerous work related injuries, that had greatly affected my spine and neck .The treatment that was recommended was mainly rest and medications which caused side effects such as nausea, vomiting and sleepiness. I’ve also been involved in a few auto accidents which allowed me to seek chiropractic treatment; which my private insurance would not cover. As we all know most medical insurance doesn’t pay for this service. My first chiropractic experience was in 1973. It was so amazing how after having an adjustment brought on instant relief. My first encounter with Dr. Ehlers was after an accident which left me with muscles spasms and horrific pain that over the course of a year’s time left me unable to bin over, rotate my body in any direction, or walk a straight line. Thank God that I was never pulled over by the police.  As time passed; this chronic pain started to affect my state of mind. I had never really dealt with depression and really didn’t know that I fallen into this dark place. I was referred to Dr. Elher’s office by a wonderful massage therapist name Roseanne whom I’ve been seeing for many years for the temporary relief from my severe chronic pain. After my last accident, the pain was so severe that it left me in a state of immobility, which required me to take time off from work. My employer was recommending I go on temporary disability for a while. I started treatment with Dr. Elher’s and I was encouraged to come in at least 4 times a week. First of all let me say that I work in San Francisco. I live in San Pablo, and as we all know his office is in Vacaville. I only think about the distance when someone brings it up. Some would say, and some have said “why in the world would you go that far when there are chiropractors available in your area? My answer has always been the level of care that I receive is the reason. Over the years and multiple injuries, I’ve been seen by a number of very good doctors; one of which has been my primary care providers whom have taken care of all my needs for about 25 years. But I have never experience the relief that I have gotten under the care of Dr. Ehlers. When you are in pain; relief is your first and only objective. Relief is like a drug; you will go where ever you can find it. I remember the first time after such a long time of not having pain. I WAS ELATED!I forgot how it felt to be pain free. That’s when I realized that I had been depressed. On that day everything looked brighter, beautiful, and I felt a joy that’s was unspeakable. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling again. I now have a personal trainer, and I work out 3 days a week, cardio one day, and have my chiropractic treatment twice a week to snap everything back into place.  LOL!  WECOME TO MY WORLD. -Anna Smith


Over ten years ago, I began suffering from extreme middle and lower back pain.  I went to my physician who prescribed 800 mg. of Ibuprofen every six hours for pain and inflammation as needed.  I also used ice or heat as needed.  In addition, I began having pain in my hips and shoulders.  X-rays indicated that I had degenerative arthritis in both shoulders and bursitis in both hips.  I was prescribed 500 mg. of Naproxen and cortisone injections for my hips.  After the third cortisone injection, it lost its effectiveness at easing the hip pain, so I was back to pain medications.  I saw a physical therapist to treat the shoulder pain, which did have a positive affect. Then, six years ago, I began experiencing numbness in my hands and feet and terrible muscle spasms/cramps.  I also had blurred vision, eye pain, extreme fatigue and heaviness in my legs, making it difficult to climb the stairs to my bedroom at night.  I went to the doctor again, who stated that I may have Multiple Sclerosis.  A painful electromyogram and nerve conduction study were performed, in addition to MRIs of my brain and spine.  I also had an eye exam, visual field tests and a visual-evoked potential study.  The neurologist stated that results indicated that I had two small lesions in the brain and possibly one on the optic nerve, due to a reduced visual field and an abnormally slow response time in the left eye.  The neurologist also stated that I had calcium deposits on my cervical vertebrae, degenerative and discogenic changes at C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7 with mild to moderate to advanced stenosis.  Since a person has to have a minimum of seven lesions in the brain, or separate lesions in three different areas to be diagnosed, I was told that I did not have MS.  Although this was a great relief, it did not alleviate my discomfort, nor did it change my treatment. As the pain increased, so did the medications.  When unable to sleep due to the pain, I was prescribed Acetaminophen with codeine.  For inflammation, I was prescribed 150 mg. of Sulindac and 10 mg. of Cyclobenzaphrine for muscle spasms.  When a combination of those drugs didn’t work, I returned to the doctor for more tests.  After two separate tests, given six months apart, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I was told that this would explain the fatigue, constant back pain, muscle pain and weakness.  Since there was apparently no cure or special treatment for Fibromyalgia, I was prescribed Desipramine, which is actually an antidepressant used for patients who have chronic pain, as it blocks the pain receptors to the brain.  I was willing to try anything!  After gradual increases in Desipramine, I began to feel relief.  I took three pills a day in addition to the Sulidac, Cyclobenzaphrine and Acetaminophen with codeine.  The problem was that I could not stay awake during the day.  I nodded off at work, sometimes in the middle of speaking!  And I am ashamed to say that I would fall asleep behind the wheel, so I resorted to eating snacks while driving and slapping my face to stay awake.The pain persisted and gradually became so excruciating in my hips that I could no longer travel in a seated position for longer than twenty to thirty minutes.  I didn’t go to the movies because I would be in agony, squirming in my seat and dealing with leg and foot cramps.  I began seeing an acupuncturist covered by my HMO, who treated me for back and hip pain once a month for a year.  Although I felt relief in the isolated areas he treated, it did not last more than a week.  He encouraged me to exercise.  However, when I did exercise, I experienced even more debilitating pain for several days afterwards.  Even gardening was more than my back could bear and left me sleepless with pain, despite adding sleep aids to the mix.At night, I would take my drug cocktail before bed and pray for release from the pain.  I slept on a heating pad every night, with extra pillows under my hips and lower legs.  My husband and I even bought a Sleep Number bed, which was more comfortable but did not stop the pain.  I cried myself to sleep when the drugs did not bring me any noticeable relief.  I knew that I could not stand to live in this condition for the rest of my life and prayed some nights that God would end my pain through death if need be.  I told my husband I did not want to live even another 10 years if this was what I had to endure for the rest of my life.  But I knew I couldn’t leave him and our children.  I didn’t know what to do. During these years of suffering, a friend and colleague from work suggested I see Dr. Ehlers.  She said that she too had suffered a great deal before undergoing chiropractic treatment and was now relatively pain free with her monthly maintenance visits to Dr. Ehlers.  Although I had been treated by a chiropractor in my youth, my father had had a poor experience after a treatment, which left a lasting negative impression about that field of medicine.  In addition, my HMO did not cover the expense and I felt that I could not afford it.It wasn’t until I was scanning the Grapevine one day and came across his letter, “The Secret That My Wife Asked Me Not to Write” that I began to wonder, especially when I recognized Dr. Ehlers’ name.  The offer for the free consultation, initial exam and x-rays was too good to pass up!  I thought, “What do I have to lose?”  So I called and spoke to Allison, who scheduled my appointment and one for my husband as well, since he suffered from chronic back pain.  They even offered to supervise our two youngest children during our appointments! I was very impressed with Dr. Ehlers’ practice from the moment I walked in.  His staff was friendly and professional and really made our family feel at home.  After the initial consultations, exams and x-rays, my husband and I decided to make the investment in ourselves and began treatment.  When I began treatment, I started weaning myself off of the antidepressants and other drugs.  After three weeks, I was off of the antidepressant, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory medications.  After two months, I was feeling nearly pain free, only taking Motrin or Tylenol occasionally, so I cancelled my future appointments with the acupuncturist.  I told him about the success I had with chiropractic care and that I would no longer be in need of his services.  Instead of being happy for me when I told him of my recovery from pain and my ability to stop most of my medications, he took a negative view of my chiropractic care.  No matter!  I had had the same reaction to my friend and now I was a believer!! My husband and I still go to Dr. Ehlers regularly and he also treats our children as part of a family maintenance plan that we started after our initial treatments were completed.  I look forward to seeing him each and every visit!  He always has a positive attitude and happy demeanor.  And he’s not too hard on the eyes either! I still take over-the-counter pain medications, but very infrequently.  I can drive for hours before my left hip starts to ache and I can watch an entire movie in the theater without having to get up.  I work in my garden and my back and hips don’t kill me.  I have even started exercising, doing “Zumba,” which I never thought I would be able to do again.  I am no longer constantly tired or falling asleep, unless I don’t get enough rest of course!  I feel like a new person and look forward to a long life with my family.  My husband also has less pain and more energy.  I recommend Dr. Ehlers to anyone suffering from pain.  He can make a believer out of you too. -Diana Fieldson


How in the world can anyone help me?  I have incessant leg pain on my right side, I have been through the entire Kaiser-Permanete system and I’ve ended up in the pain clinic.  A place for lost souls.  No hope of true cure.  Take the drugs and stupor yourself into oblivion.  And by the way, ‘have a nice day.’ This is not the life I had ever hoped for.  I’m a trained scientist, an electrical engineer, a long time student of the sciences, we find answers!  Why is the medical field still floundering then?  Are they not trained scientist as well?  Have they not had a long and prosperous journey (look out for that word prosperous) flush with successes?  Obviously not. The human condition, as it has developed into, in this 21stcentury, has led us into false hopes.  Increasing government regulation for “our benefit” has led the general populace into a departure from reality.  I ask that as you are reading this, that you take a hard look at the medical field as it exists today.  Never in the history of mankind have we been so ‘at risk’ then we are today. We have become complacent about our care.  Trusting the judgments of others and very often ignoring the voice within.  We all have been given the sense to know what is right and what isn’t.  In our attempts to heal, we heed the advice of others, yet do we really know if the source of that information is even correct? The only known source of true understanding is ourselves …  our bodies. It is of utmost importance that we never take the stance of not being able to know.  All of us are students of life and as such must continue this education for life.  It is our own self education and senses that tell us the truth.  We must be forever vigilant in this duty. I am incumbent to research what is right for me.  I am responsible to seek the right answers and create a path with sows health.  I must take the time and the financial responsibility to ensure this.   One cannot look elsewhere or it is a fool to which you seek. In my path came Dr Ehlers.  Recommended by a family member.  Sure, I’ve heard all the rumors and what I consider snide comments about Chiropractic care but who am I to say how I will respond?  Every ‘body’ is different.  I owe it to myself to check this out.  And check it out indeed I did. My first impressions were, “how can something so gentle work?”  But it did.  My leg began to respond positively by allowing more movement, a clear reversal of the trend that was taking place.  Personally I felt this was astonishing but I had to tell myself, ‘it took you 60 years to get to this point don’t expect any miracles!’  To this day, the healing continues.  A miracle? Maybe.  Being able to walk …  Priceless! Another aspect of my care is the path to eliminate any drug involvement.  I hate using any drugs.  You will however succumb to pain and will be forced to take very dangerous substances.  Substances that lead to addiction.  I am on that path now.  I am not happy about it. ust a few months into the treatments, I noticed that I was forgetting to take the medication, some 10 pills a day.  Dr Ehlers treatments were creating a condition that was positive on my body, lowered pain.  Once I took notice and the responsibility, I started to eliminate the pills.  I am very happy to report that I am now down to three doses a day.  I am not happy in that attempts to drop this count lower, have resulted in withdrawal symptoms that are not going away.  I have a tough road ahead on this.  Just to keep the dots connected, I would be at zero medication if my body would allow it.  I don’t need the drugs for pain management any longer. In retrospect, I have come a long way in a short time.  Shorter than I expected.  Welcomed however, no matter what the real time sequence is.  Like many before me, the established medical community said you have only pain management to help you.  Like those of us who refuse to hear such nonsense, we’ve done something about it.  We came to Dr Ehlers.  We obtain success where none was said to be found.  You cannot refute success.  You cannot do ‘nothing’ about your condition.  Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, see Dr Ehlers.  Be a part of the success team.  Go on with your life as you intend it to be. Come visit the entire ‘Dream Team’ as it takes more than just one person to make a successful business.  The positive attitude on the staff, that is of Dr. G, Allison and  Andrea makes it easier for the new initiative to become that success.  My sincerest gratitude to Dr Ehlers in fostering the staff into a cohesive force that is rarely achieved but awesome once done.  May God bless all of you. -Keith Ziomek



I started seeing Dr. Ehlers several years ago due to pain in my upper back & neck area.  This pain developed from years of beating up my body through sports and from the effects of having a series of medical surgeries.  This list included 3 rotator cuff surgeries, arthroscopic knee surgery and also a hamstring surgery to release a nerve in my right leg.  Over time, my spine began to compensate for all of these injuries and I developed chronic pain throughout my back and neck area.  This pain was so great that it really hindered my quality of life in many ways.  From not being able to sleep to not being able to do the things I enjoyed (golfing, sports, being active, etc.), I didn’t know where to turn.  I felt like I had spent 6-8 years of my life at the doctor’s office performing tests, getting prescription medication, physical therapy, etc.  There was a period during this time where I became addicted to prescription meds including nerve relaxers, muscle relaxers, antidepressants, etc.  At the end of the day, I realized that these medications were really masking the pain and by taking them it only made things more complicated as I could not heal correctly.  When I first saw Dr. Ehlers several years ago, I received several treatments and then discontinued as I had been caught up with other obligations in my life and could not make the commitment.   At first I felt as if things were going well and the adjustments were really helping but I just did not have the time to get in regularly.   After discontinuing, I gradually felt myself going back to my old feelings of pain.  So about a little over a year ago I decided to come back to Dr. Ehlers and give it another shot.  I was still in tremendous pain, on a lot of medication, & was not able to have the active lifestyle that I was so accustomed to having at a younger age.   Dr. Ehlers developed a schedule which at first was very aggressive and very frequent adjustments.  This allowed for my body to pick up the changes it was making and allowed for my body to get going in the right direction.  After a few months of treatment I begin to feel like I did not need to be on pain medications any longer and I discontinued everything.  After talking with the doctors, they urged me to stop taking the drugs because they would only get in the way of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Boy were they right.  After going regularly to Dr. Ehlers for about a year now, I can honestly say that I feel the best that I have in 5-6 years.  I am completely off all medications and do not plan on taking any the rest of my life.  I am able to play in competitive softball tournaments, golfing, running & working out (everything that I love to do).  I feel like I have my life back together and I owe a big thank you to Dr. Ehlers and everyone in the office.    Not only have they performed spinal adjustments, they have also given me great advice about exercising, nutrition and a lot of other important topics which have complimented me in my recovery.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Dr Ehlers & the crew!  Thank you! -Mike Engell

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